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A well-known story

There are more and more children struggling with overweight. Statistically, one in every seven children between 4 and 12 years old, has already reached an unhealthy weight.

It’s one thing to see this happening around you.

But what if your family has to deal with this situation?

Our story

This flyer is not supposed to make you feel guilty, or make you question your decisions as a parent. On the contrary! We understand the situation you’re in very well, and if you picked up this leaflet, it means you are ready for some change.

Why is my child gaining weight? Am I doing something wrong?

You want the absolute best for your child: a happy childhood and a bright future. If your child’s struggle with his/her weight is preventing this, feel free to contact one of our counsellors, without any obligations.

Overweight at a young age is a contemporary problem, but we offer a simple solution. Our method is developed with the entire family in mind, aimed a children between 5 and 18 years old. Instead of forcing an unhealthy diet on children, we teach them the importance of nutrition, while promoting good food and a healthy lifestyle. At the same time they’re encouraged to find a way to exercise that best fits their personal interests, and to rebuild their confidence and self-image. We teach them to love what they do, and to love themselves.

But your involvement as a parent/caretaker is of even greater importance. That’s why our advise is focused on the entire family. Our consultations are tailored to each unique situation, making sure our guidance adapts to your current lifestyle. And our counsellors are available every day of the week, for further help and additional questions.

In the first month you’ll visit one of our counsellors weekly. These appointments are gradually brought back to one visit per month, and eventually to one visit per three months. We’ll keep providing guidance as your child keeps growing and changing.

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